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Who's Maureen & Kev?

We did a road trip around Australia with Maureen and Kev where they travelled with a caravan and we slummed it in a tent. We were one up on them though in that we had a 4WD and they had a Ford Fairmont sedan. They will be looking after this part of the site. They are old hands at this traveling around Australia on a budget. They have been doing this for years. Let's hear about their adventures on their next Aussie Holiday. If you want to ask them a question or send in a story of your own then email them by clicking on 'contact me' above.  .

For great maps all around Australia with marked camping areas ranging from Free Camps to reasonably priced Caravan Parks and National Parks it is worth buying a copy of this book. Camps Australia - The ultimate guide for the budget conscious traveller. We referred to our copy every day of trip to North Queensland.

Have you heard about free rental cars and campervans available through They need to get the vehicle from one city to another and get to drive it. You may have to pay for petrol, depends on the particular transfer. Have a look and see what you think.

Round Australia Trip

Have a look at our Round Australia Trip through Queensland to Northern Territory to South Australia and then to New South Wales:

  • Part 1 - Cania Gorge, Queensland to Alice Springs, Northern Territory
  • Part 2 - Alice Springs and the Macdonnell Ranges, Northern Territory
  • Part 3 - King's Canyon, Macdonnell Ranges, Northern Territory
  • Part 4 - Cooper Pedy, South Australia to Bathurst, South Australia
  • Part 5 - Blue Mountains, New South Wales to Sydney, New South Wales

Fraser Island  

We were only back a week from our Big Round Australia Trip when we set off for a week's camping on Fraser Island. Have a look at some of the photos of the holiday on Fraser Island. We went for 4 weeks in July/August from Brisbane up to Cairns and the Daintree towing the caravan stopping at Mackay, Townsville and Bowen. We then had a camping holiday on Fraser Island in September. No caravan this time, just a tent and a 4WD. We saw plenty of whales but didn't catch too many fish. Have a look at some of our photos of our week on Fraser Island. Then have a look at the notes and photos from the Daintree trip.

Brisbane > The Alice > Sydney > Blue Mountains  

We set out on our latest trip this month and will be away for 6 weeks. We bought a new 4WD in the week before we left so things were a bit hectic getting packed and making sure the 4WD was ready for the big trip. Just a couple of highlights for now - the rest of the story will follow when I get back to Brisbane:

  • completing the Kings Canyon walk (near Alice Springs) - there was concerns the legs wouldn't hold out
  • walking across the Sydney Harbour Bridge - after the King's Canyon Walk this was nothing
  • a tour around Coober Pedy
  • the Jenolan Caves near Katoomba, Blue Mountains


OK this Trip to Tasmania is from a few years back now but it was one of the more memorable ones and I am sure everything is still there! We made this trip in the Holden Berlina and stayed at Motels and Bed & Breakfasts so it is a little different to our usual caravan holidays. Tasmania is a lovely place and is worth spending more that a week or two. Sure it is only a small island BUT it has a lot to offer so take the time to see it properly. Click Brisbane to Tasmania to read the full story.

Round Australia

We have kept notes on all of the holidays we have taken over the years and it is about time we sat down and wrote the notes up in some useful format. We are hoping it will be of interest and use to fellow travelers. Let’s start with our first Trip Around Australia. If you are a regular visitor to this site you will know that we did our first road trip around Australia in 1993. We met up and traveled with Cath & Pete & kids for a lot of the trip but split up and went our own way in some parts. They had a 4WD and tent while we had a conventional vehicle and caravan. The trip lasted 4 months. Click Round Australia Trip to read the full story.


Since retiring, we have had two amazing trips around Australia both exceeding 3 months each time. In 1993 it was in tandem with Cath and Pete and the grandchildren and in 2000 we went on our own returning home to Brisbane in time to watch the Olympics on TV. Although we went on our own this time we found that we had plenty of company at the Caravan Parks. The people you meet are very keen to pass on information about any sights they think you might be interested in seeing.

On both trips we concentrated on the “far away places” e.g. Darwin, Kakadu in the Northern Territory, Hamersley Ranges, Kirrijini National Park, Bungle Bungles , Perth and the Great Australian Bight. We have been down through The Centre twice and intend in July this year to slowly proceed north along the Queensland coast staying at places like Hervey Bay , Airlie Beach etc. before heading west through Mt. Isa and then heading south through Three Ways , Rainbow Valley, Kings Canyon, Ayres Rock, The Olga’s, Coober Pedy, Pt. Augusta then back to Brisbane either along the Murray or through Broken Hill or any other road to be decided.

But I said I would talk more about Boorooloola didn’t I? Maybe next time. Send an email to the address at the top of the page if you want to ask a question about any of the places I have mentioned.

Our Travels

Great! They have agreed to help out with this web page. Over to you Maureen & Kev...

OK, well let's start with a little background about us. Over the last 40 years we, (Maureen and Kev) have owned four Caravans and taken numerous trips both with and without kids. For this web page we will concentrate on the trips we have made since qualifying as ‘retirees’.

In the early days of ‘retirement’ we did one trip up through ‘the centre’ in 1989 in a sedan staying at motels. Although this was very enjoyable, we have since realised that we prefer using a Caravan and staying mainly in Caravan Parks or sometimes off the side of the road (what we retirees call off-road). One of the reasons for this is that you meet many more interesting people and find out places that they consider you should not miss. You also have more freedom in when and where you go.

Many travellers find the Holden Commodore or Ford Falcon type of car does everything they require when towing a van on a trip and we did too for many years. It was after one “hairy” experience traveling through water 60cm high that we bought the Landcruiser 4WD and it now gives us much more confidence through water, bad roads etc. Apart from that we have since discovered that there are a lot of interesting places to see that you can only get to by 4WD.

Over the years, the quality of the Vans we have owned and the Caravan Parks we have visited have improved significantly. Our current van is a single-axle JAYCO “pop-top” which tows very easily behind our Toyota Landcruiser. On one trip we carried a 10ft. 6in. “Tinnie “ on top of the Landcruiser chasing Barramundi at Boorooloola on the McArthur River. More about that another time…

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This page last updated on 02-Apr-2014

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